Why Write?"

(Article, 2010)

Works & Conversations, Oct 3, 2010. Essay.

...“Then I sit in front of this paper, trying to relate this, thinking there's no way written words can possibly vibrate as the body does when touched by vibrating Nature in May. But what there is at times during the process of writing--it's happening now--is a kind of hovering, a silence as the words emerge."

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Works & Conversations, Feb 12, 1994. Interview. 

“I met recently with Laurence Rosenthal, veteran composer for film and television, at his home in Oakland. Rosenthal grew up in Detroit, attended The Eastman School of Music and later studied composition in Paris with Nadia Boulanger. ...  Courtly and articulate even with a bad cold, Rosenthal addressed at length the nature of music and film -- and the influence these have over our lives. Near the end of our conversation, a few film clips on the VCR brought his words to life."